Orange County Erotic Massage Parlors


Erotic Massage Reviews in  Orange County

Went in the see Tina because of the reviews on this site. She came in a
fairly good looking with junk in the truck. She giggles a lot. I have
never seen her, but I said nice to see you again. She said nice to see
you. Didn't have to play the LE game. Laid naked on table and Tina came
in. Starts on back and goes down to butt with her pussy jamed into you
head. She was wearing shorts, but when i went to touch she giggled and
said no. I then tried the breast. Again giggle and said no. I gave up.
She did incredible job on butt and teach under. After thirty minutes I got
on my side. She kept playing with my balls from behind and my rod from the
front. I finally couldn't hold it any longer and came. She got towels and
wiped me. I then flipped completely. She kept up the massage on my legs.
Spent whole hour. I would recommend.

Went to Saba on Vermont for a good massage. Place is on the second floor of
an area that is probably not too safe at night, but felt comfortable during
daylight hours. Asked for Tina, and was disappointed at first in her looks,
as she is a little thick. However, her personality and massage skills make
up for that. Laid on my stomach without a towel, and she never covered me.
She gave an excellent massage with light teasing of the inner thighs. On
the flip she again did not cover, and gradually worked her way down to an
excellent HJ. She really gets into it, which makes it much better for me.
Would recommend.